Investors Visa

Investor Visa Lawyers in Houston, Texas

imageAcross the globe we are now providing essential legal services to our well-to-do clients, investors who want to come, establish and settle down in the United States of America. If you have enough money to form a commercial enterprise that creates job in the United States, we are ready to serve you. In the alternative, we will be pleased to take you through the Capital Investment process. Essentially, you need a minimum of $1 million for qualifying investment in the United States, but we have contacts and connections to process our valued clients through a Targeted Employment Areas investing. You will need $500,000 to qualify for this investment program. You will invest for profit in Targeted areas and we will take care of the rest. Let us be the first to welcome you and your family to the United States. O’Kehie & Associates, Attorneys and International Legal Consultants takes pride in being your lawyer as you are coming in this country as well as you live here on a permanent basis. About leaving your native country, not really, because as an American citizen you still can maintain your citizen rights in your native country as a dual citizen. For additional questions, contact us now.

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