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At O’Kehie & Associates, we offer unique opportunities to our business clients who would want to invest or provide services in Third World countries and Western Hemisphere. Our extensive wealth of experience in international legal services and travels coupled with the Business background and training of our lawyers prepares us to serve as a one-stop boutique for all your needs. For potential Investors, we match you with any qualified investment in your interest areas. As lawyers, we provide due diligence in selecting and recommending these investment opportunities. We break through unnecessary red tapes and bureaucracies, placing you in front of the decision-making authorities or bodies. We resolve conflicts of laws between yours and the host country using the pertinent International legal treaties, tariffs, and authorities. We speak the language of international business transactions. As business consultants, we have the ability to act on an agency relationship.

For service providers, we will match you with services in these countries that require expatriate technology and expertise. We will guide you through getting local content assistance in terms of manpower, materials, and security needs. We will also assist with the necessary visa and entry permits into these countries. We will develop and advise on the required technological partnership agreements and guidelines.

Take O’Kehie & Associates along in your goals and plans of doing international business and venturing into unchartered territories of the World. We have mastered the terrains and will serve you well.

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