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Loosing a loved one is already painful itself but when the death is caused by the negligent act of someone or organization it is understandable that we seek redress. The reason for seeking redress is not just for compensation but also to deter the culprit from repeated action or inaction that could cause the loss of more lives in the future. The loss of a loved one means you miss the companionship and also miss out on any futuristic monetary contribution that they could have provided. Therefore, if the loss of your loved one resulted from the negligence of another and proven pursuant to our investigations that the negligent act was the proximate cause of the fatality, then we will mourn with you and at the same time apply the necessary financial models to compute the amount of money that could have been contributed by the deceased if they lived full life. With that financial tool and the pursuit of the legal process, we will strive to exceed your expectations on our representation. Get in touch with us and talk.

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